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Get your 10 day pass to The Enchanted Circle and start manifesting more money, leveraging the law of attraction and connecting with like-minded people.


What You Will Experience

A life-changing, possibility opening, manifesting magic filled 10 days. If you love it, stay.

Entry Into The Enchanted Circle

You'll have a pass to the most powerful, supportive, manifesting community. Gain inspiration and connecting.

Access to Manifest $10K and more!

You get to choose where you want to focus during your time in The Enchanted Circle. Jump right into Manifest $10K, up level your money story with the Change Your Money Story Videos or take on the Manifest $1000 in 10 Days Challenge.

Coaching From Cassie on Calls and Assignments

You have access to personalized coaching from Cassie during live coaching calls and on your assignments.

Step By Step Manifesting 

There is no more guess work. It's all there for you. Laid out in simple, bite sized assignments. 

No Worry You're Doing It Wrong

If you do the assignments you know you're doing it right. Plus, you'll have Cassie's eyes on all your assignments in case you need to go deeper or change something up for better results.


Built in Celebration Team

In The Enchanted Circle we support you in creating more by sharing what money is manifesting and what's awesome.

Let's Do This!

Get your 10 day entry into The Enchanted Circle now, so that you can learn how to make the law of attraction work for you!


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