Start Changing Your Money Story by enrolling in Manifest $10K

Start changing your money story by learning the process to attract $10,000 in the next 90 days!

  • Enjoy 90 days of being guided step-by step through a proven process to attract $10,000 
  • Connect with other like-minded individuals who are committed to creating a new money story and enjoying more money in the exclusive private Slack group
  • Coaching to keep you accountable and growing

Maggie McReynolds

Best-Selling Author and Unsettling Coach

“I manifested $20,000, more time and more freedom during Manifest $10K!"

Lindsey Rainwater

Higher Self Integration Specialist

“My husband and I manifested over $10,000 during the course and it changed our mindset and our lives forever."


This is Step 1

This is the opening of the first door to everything your heart has asked for you.
And it is that first step, that first door, because this is the basis, the foundation to manifesting $10,000, and then another ten and another ten and another ten.

And once you’ve taken that first step and opened that first door between you and your wildest dream, everything begins to fall into place.

The sexy new beach house with the huge double shower

The private school for the kids

The new 365i

They all begin to flow in.

But they do it because you mastered Step One.


Welcome to Manifest $10K 


This program is designed to:
• Walk you through the phases of changing your money story from the one that’s keeping you where you are to one that will take you places you want to go

• Understand what the basis of your old money story so you can say goodbye to it for good

• Allow you to craft a new money story that will serve your goals faster

• Teach you my process for helping women and men manifest through the Law of Attraction so they can create the things they deeply want in this life

• Release old beliefs, word choices, actions that keep you from bringing in all the money you want

• Develop your manifesting skills well beyond $10,000, so you know how to easily open every door you meet in your money story

“I manifested $20,000, more time, and more freedom.”-Maggie


Hi, I’m Cassie Parks and you have stepped into the manifesting process that has changed lives forever.

Author of seven best sellers, host of More Money, and co-Host of Manifest it Now. I’ve had the pleasure of helping 1000’s of women and men change their money story and now I’m here to help you.

I’m sure you’ve seen and tried many, many, many different approaches to calling in the money you want in your life. And all of them have their strengths.

But Manifest $10K ain’t your mama’s manifesting course.

Over the next 90 days, you’ll go through the process I created based on what I’ve discovered and uncovered about working with the Law of Attraction and what has worked for me and my clients. So, you have the potential to actually do so much more than manifest $10K when the course is over – this is just our first step.

This course:

• Is delivered via Kajabi, so it's easy to keep track of where you're at and check off assignments

• Connects you with me and others like you via a private Slack group so we can share your successes

• Gives you access to coaching from someone who manifested her financial freedom

Why is coaching from someone who's been successful important? Because getting answers to questions from people who are at the same place as you in your money journey can be damaging for your results and moving forward is our only option.

If you feel you need that ability to ask questions, when they come up or you need 3 1:1 sessions with me or you need weekly group coaching, you get all that to support you writing a new money story.

For $1,000, you opt out of trying to do this on your own and you join into an experience that goes deeper to give you the support you want during the next 90 days.

The thing about the course, yeah, it’s called Manifest $10K, but that’s just the first step of what this is opening the door for. 

Because here’s the thing, once you change your money story with the course:

Your everything changes.

Maybe you have a happy relationship, but it’s going to get better

Maybe you have a good career, but it’s going to get better

Maybe you are generally happy in your life, but it’s going to get better

But all that?

10x’s with this $10K

Because your money story is interwoven into who you are. And when you release the things that are not actively serving you, you open up for success EVERYWHERE in your life. 

Shatter the thinking that created the self-imposed glass ceiling you’ve been happily living under.

Create a money story that unlocks ALL of the best of you.

This course is THAT penetrating.

If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t offer it.

Manifest $10K is the first and the most important step of your financial freedom.
“Not only have I manifested more than $10,000 working with Cassie, I’ve graduated from survival mode in all areas of my life. I am confident and empowered!”-Michele

Course Details: 


This 90-day course shifts your money story, just as it shifted my coaching clients’ stories by giving you access to:

• Daily assignments that take an average of 20 minutes, from Day 1 to Day 28 with stories to amp up your belief that you can do this and prompts to help you start becoming the person money flows to, so you can start living a story that pulls you toward more enough money and time.

• Weekly emails after the 28th day to continue the process and keep up the momentum the first 28 days propelled you with.

• Kajabi log in to access lessons during the 90-days of the course, so you can go back and revisit necessary lessons during the 90 days.

• Weekly 30 minute group video (Zoom) calls with Me for questions, talk through stuck points, etc. so that you can manifest $20,000 and more time, just like past clients.

• 3 one-on-one sessions with me throughout the 90 days to really dig DEEP into how far back your money story goes and how to write the story you want to be true in a more in-depth fashion than just memorizing a mantra and hoping it overrides your wiring.

These lessons are specifically designed to get you out of the thinking that was handed down to you. Rewrite your money story of survival only. Rewrite how things are SUPPOSED to be. 

You want your financial freedom.
This is Step 1. 
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