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You can pay me later.  I have a system that has helped people manifest millions of dollars and I want to give you the opportunity to manifest more money and then pay based on YOUR success

On January 1, 2021 I am opening the doors to my group coaching program for 31 days, so that those of you who haven't been successful manifesting money yet can experience a shift in your money manifesting abilities and pay based on YOUR success.

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Let's Manifest $1,000,000!

I'm Cassie Parks and my super power is helping people welcome more money into their lives so they can realize their dreams.

My books and coaching have helped thousands of people attract more money and start living out their wildest dreams. 

As a group, I want to manifest $1,000,000 in the month of January!

Money impacts

almost every aspect of your life: from whether to stop and get coffee in the morning, to where you’re going to live and if you will be able to retire. Its impact goes beyond decisions and reaches into your feelings. The amount of money in your bank account can influence how you feel on a daily basis, the amount of stress in your life, and your self-worth. Money is more than just paper and coins. It has tentacles that reach into every part of your daily experience.


If you have thought,

“I’ve done things to try to change before, and it didn’t work,” take a deep breath. I am going to teach you things that you have probably never been taught before. I have a system that I created after supporting thousands of people in changing their money stories. All you need to know right now is that it is possible to write a new money story, so you don’t have to continue repeating the same money patterns that you have been.


Your dreams are possible.

I know because I’m living mine. The key to living the best story I can tell was writing a new money story that supported me and opened the door to growth instead of one that fought me and kept me stuck. Everything changes when you change your money story. Let today be the first day of your new money story and the new life that goes with it.




Your new bank account is waiting to come true!

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